Buying Coilovers from First Over All Shock Technology: What to Consider

If you are planning to upgrade the suspension system of your vehicle to coilovers, you are on the right track. Coilovers offer many benefits over other suspension systems. But, there are a lot of brands,  ssstyles, and designs you can choose from, so you must be careful about quality. First Over All Off-Road Shock Technology or F-O-A is known for its high-quality coilovers. They can ship and deliver your order within several days. They also provide custom-valving at no extra charge and other options such as compression adjuster, a foam bump stop, 90-degree reservoir fittings, and others. When buying coilovers, the following are some important factors to take into account:


Your vehicle needs quality parts to function well. Thus, when buying coilovers, you need to get it from a reputable suspension supplier like F-O-A. Quality suppliers and manufacturers use the best materials and coilover technology. They use anodized aluminum, which is light and resistant to corrosion. Some manufacturers use other materials, particularly in the damper piston, such as stainless steel and chromium alloys.

Spring Rate

The spring rate represents the amount of weight needed for compressing the spring an inch. For example, a coilover could have a spring rate of 200 lbs per inch. This rate offers better handling and a stiff ride. Meanwhile, a low spring rate offers a softer ride but more body-roll when cornering.

Coilovers let you change the spring rate to some extent. Ideally, the spring can be moved up and down for a smoother or stiffer ride without re-valving the shocks. But, when done wrong, the coilover will provide you with a bouncy or very stiff ride.

Rubber Upper Mounts

This refers to the joint between the strut assembly and the car. Thus, it determines your ride’s smoothness. The majority of coilovers available at F-O-A stores have either a pillow-ball upper mount or a rubber upper mount. The former offers better handling but it transfers vibrations from the ride’s harshness through the suspension easily. Contemporary coilovers use rubber upper mounts. The rubber is meant to absorb some of the impacts, thus, offering a smoother ride.

Helper Springs

These light springs are installed between the spring amount and main spring.  As they maintain constant tension even after unloading, you can have a low ride without the harmful impacts of unloading.


F-O-A offers a warranty to each of the products it offers. Its warranty indicates the quality and durability of its products as well as its accountability to design flaws. Thus, it gives you peace of mind when buying coilovers from the company.

Post Author: Elena Oscar