How To Evaluate An SEO Professional?

When hiring an SEO specialist using legal SEO case study, you must know what to expect from this professional. This will avoid frustrating expectations and, even worse, results below what you intended. Therefore, just like any other service, it is essential to evaluate some issues before selecting whom you will trust in investments.

Past Experience

The history of an SEO specialist is essential to help you understand your professional trajectory up to the present moment. Before hiring someone, it is essential to know which companies they went to, what occupations they had to deal with and which projects he collaborated on. All of this helps to prove the minimum qualification expected for a specialist.

So, understand if the professional’s experience makes sense for what you need in your company or your project. A portfolio with cases similar to what you want to achieve is a sign that this person may be the most recommended. Evaluate this history carefully and, if necessary, ask for references about the professional.


Values ​​are always an important issue and, at the same time, complex. You cannot set the price that the SEO expert will charge, but you can impose a cap. This means that if you have a well-defined budget, blowing it out will never be a good idea. Therefore, when negotiating, try to expose your financial limitations to this professional.

It may not even be necessary to reinforce this, but come on: always be suspicious of prices well below the market range. After all, why is only a professional able to work with those values? Always focus on qualification and, if necessary, negotiate with respect.

SEO Process

The work process of this specialist also needs to be understood in greater detail. As a contractor, it is your right to know the professional’s working methods and how they will guarantee the expected results. This transparency will make the whole evaluation process much easier; after all, you get to know what he plans in the routine.

It is essential to assess whether this process is in line with your expectations, especially in view of the context presented. For example, it is necessary to know whether he will use diversified strategies, focusing on various ways to optimize the results. This is a sign that the professional will be dedicated to achieving concrete goals.

Tools used

Before hiring an SEO expert, you can ask him about the tools he will use. This is necessary because you will need to hire some of them, which will be useful in the long run, especially as long as this specialist works. He will need this software to perform SEO audits, design changes, and monitor the work results. In addition to knowing if you will use qualified software and integrate it with other tools, such as WordPress, the important point is the cost of these hires. Thus, in addition to the amounts paid to the professional, there is also investment in solutions. Therefore, based on these values, the company understands how much it will have to invest in optimizing the SEO of its website and content.

Post Author: Elena Oscar