What Are the Benefits of Hiring Public and Private Cloud Computing Services?

We all know the significance of cloud computing in business. There are mainly three types of cloud computing services, hybrid, public and private. Irrespective of the type of computing service you choose, you will benefit by scalability, quick provisioning, ability to expand the server base fast, and availability of virtualized resources.

In this article, we will tell you about the benefits of these computing services in detail.

What is public cloud computing and private cloud computing?

Public cloud computing is a type of computing service model. It is used majorly for storage and computation of the cloud to the public over the web.

It provides “pay per use” model, wherein the amount that the user needs to pay to access the IT resources depends on its use. The only drawback of this mode of computing service is that unrestricted access to IT resources can lead to configuration, SLA specificity, and security issues.

On the other hand, the services offered in case of a private cloud are mostly behind a firewall. It is accessible to a single organization. A private cloud provides the benefits of centralization, and virtualization without any issues related to security. E Tech service is a leading managed IT services Phoenix that provides services such as network monitoring, routine administration, security updates and more.

Benefits of Private Cloud to an organization

  • You get to enjoy more flexibility, scalability, and efficiency to meet the growing demands in a progressive business. An organization can tailor its cloud environment to fulfill specific needs of a business.
  • Improved security is a major advantage of this kind of computing service. Users aren’t allowed to share their resources. This provides better security and control to the organization.
  • Private addresses compliance and security concerns by keeping assets inside the firewall.

Benefits of Public Cloud to an organization

  • “Pay per use” model makes it highly affordable for people.
  • As there is no need to invest in the software or hardware, you don’t need to maintain it.
  • You get network resources as per the demand of the organization. This implies higher scalability and reliability
  • It is helpful in the organization with a broad network of servers. Easy availability of network resources helps in guarding against failure.


Though public cloud computing offers affordability and comfort of unrestricted access to resources, it also leads to security issues. Due to these reasons, enterprise firms prefer private cloud computing services over public cloud computing services. For people for whom security is not a major factor, can find public computing service more cost-efficient and hassle-free.

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Post Author: Elena Oscar