Technology and Relationships: For Connecting Or Disconnect

Technologies are neither useful nor hurtful for relationships it’s the way we opt for technology that determines whether we harm or help our relationships. We have to examine whether we’re controlling our utilization of technology or we’re allowing technology to manage us.

When we allow technology to monopolize our attention and time, our relationships are affected from disconnection. Technology could be a tool that challenges relationship within the following ways:

Miscommunications happen constantly in relationships, but miscommunication is tremendously elevated via text. It’s too simple to misinterpret or assume a dark tone from the message.

It’s far simpler to become cruel to a family member via text or email. Angry, hurtful words could be sent off within minutes, with no chance to determine the result individuals words dress in others.

Not present if we are with this family members is really a harmful utilization of technology. Whenever we give much more of our focus on our computer, phone, television or electronic games than we give to folks around us, we’re seriously eroding our relationships.

When we decide to control our utilization of technology it can benefit us interact with our family members. Technology is definitely an help to strengthening relationships within the following ways:

Facetime, Skype, ooVoo yet others might help us feel close, even if we might be half a global away.

Electronic calendars and reminders on phones might help us remember important occasions, dates and occasions. We are able to help make sure that our family members feel appreciated and thought about, by setting reminders in advance to transmit cards or purchase gifts.

Receiving and delivering a sort, thoughtful, funny or loving text, email or telephone call during the day might help us feel connected if we are busy and apart.

Technology makes it simple to show photos of family member photos of fun and treasured moments, as screen saver or phone background, may bring a grin to the face which help us feel close.

As wonderful as technologies are in order to us connect virtual closeness can’t ever replace actual closeness. We want the attention contact, the touches, hugs, smiles and time together. Have a couple of moments to judge whether your alternatives around using technology are helping or harming your relationship. Selecting to make use of technology wisely might help build and strengthen our relationships. Allowing technology to eat and draw attention away from us from your time together has got the opposite effect.

Post Author: Elena Oscar