How To Do E-Commerce Promotions

Know some types of promotions that you can carry out in your virtual store and, thus, sell more!

In addition, markets benefit from multiple users operating on their websites. As there are many sellers, they individually announce the existence of the market, causing a viral spread of awareness. The more satisfied buyers are making transactions on the site, the more they help spread market recognition, and they do it in a more precise way than just targeted marketing.

Once a user discovers a market, their ability to quickly find what they want to buy is critical. The market operator must select a platform that can allow the search criteria to be adjusted to the buyer’s needs.

In the vocabulary of a Digital Marketing agency, to promote is to elevate a particular product to a higher degree of importance than the other products in the catalog. Raising the degree of importance, in turn, is nothing other than the act of increasing the value and reducing the price of the product so that, in this way, the consumer is tempted to buy it.

To carry out promotions in your virtual store in catapult revenue, it is necessary, first of all, to work with a good e-commerce platform, makes it possible to carry out promotions based on zip codes, categories, and percentages, as I have already described in “What is Vtex Pricing? “

In addition to the platform’s capacity, there are other parameters that you need to be aware of to create good promotions. One of these parameters is the type, which can be one of the dozens, such as:

  • Sample Promotion: This much carried out by online bookstores, which offer the first chapter of a book free of charge so that the consumer can taste it, understand the value of the work, and decide whether to pay the price or not.
  • Promotion on commemorative dates: Special dates like Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and Black Friday, among others, is one of the best chances for you to be able to sell your e-products. Read “What are the best dates to do e-commerce promotions?” To learn more about it.
  • Introduce a friend: Say that the consumer who introduces a friend to the store will get a discount on a particular product if the friend subscribes to the E-mail Marketing squeeze page or if he also makes a purchase.

In addition to these possibilities, there are others such as promotions with gifts, consumer birthdays, contests, lightning, stamps that can be exchanged for other products, loyalty programs, and much more!

Post Author: Elena Oscar