Comparing Device Services After Deployment: Things That Matter!

Digital transformation has forced businesses, large and small alike, to deploy devices on a large scale. Every other company has a whole bunch of tablets, laptops, mobiles and other devices that have been deployed to enhance work productivity. While the initial deployment requires expertise and professional assistance, considering the scale, inevitably, these devices will also need service and repairs. There are many companies that deal in both other gadgets and computer repair services, but since this is more about long-term collaboration, you need to find the right service. In this guide, we are discussing further on how to compare and choose between device services.

What to expect?

Most device services have a standard set of services. They can handle repair works for devices that are in warranty, or extended warranty through OEM repairs, and fix products that are out of warranty. They will also handle both pickup and drop off of devices, and annual refresh services, such as cleaning, sanitization, and inspection. Their team will also check that devices are operating as per the specs of the brand and are enrolled and being used as per client’s needs.

How to find the right services?

As in any industry, not all device deployment & repair services are the same, and it is absolutely important to consider the profile of a company before you choose. Consider what they are capable of, and depending on the size of your business, you can decide to figure out what works for regular needs. For instance, companies and businesses that deploy thousands of devices in one go, they need a deployment partner, who is quick with repairs too, because downtime can have serious productivity consequences. It is also important to consider the cost of hiring these services, because you may have to continue paying them on contract every year.

Other things that matter

Businesses are in need of devices, and deploying and managing gadgets appropriately and as per standards is no easy job. Don’t shy away from considering a service that offers better options and more expertise, compared to one that relies on cheaper deals. Businesses need to take these services on priority, because in times of need, there is no scope to wait for days for devices to get repaired, and you want to get the work rolling as soon as possible.

Shortlist the right services, review their work profile and take a call accordingly.

Post Author: Elena Oscar